Step-By-Step Buying Process

Establish Budget

Determine the amount you want to spend on your new cedar log home project, including land. Pre-qualify at the bank.

Acquire Property

If you do not already own the land for your new cedar log home, now is the time to purchase. Put hand money down to hold.

Design New Log Home

Meet with Cedar Direct to design the log home of your dreams. We will help make sure your plan fits within your budget.

Place Deposit on Package

Now the your dream home is designed and the property is secured, the deposit should be placed with Cedar Direct.

Apply For Bank Loan

Prepare all of your documents to start the loan process. The bank will need the final blueprints provided by CDLH.

Package Delivery

Your bank loan closed, your foundation and subfloor are built, and your cedar log home package arrives.

Log Home Construction

You are now in the construction process which typically lasts from 4-6 months depending on the size and complexityof your cedar log home.

Move-In Day

You are finally in the home stretch with the construction process of your new home. Once finished, landscaping can begin as well as staining your cedar log home.

Live Happily Ever After

Now your new cedar log home is constructed, decorated, and landscaped. You are ready to live the log home lifestyle...ENJOY!

Cedar Direct Log Homes works closely with all of our customers during each phase of the log home buy process. We have helped hundreds of our clients act as their own general contractor, and they have collectively saved millions of dollars on the construction of their cedar log homes.

Become a member of the Cedar Direct family today. If you have any question abou tthe process listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you soon.

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