The Original Green Building Solution

Northern White Cedar Is The Original Green Building Solution

Log Homes Are Inherently Energy Efficient.

At Cedar Direct Log Homes, sustainability and energy efficiency are at the forefront of all our cedar log homes designs. We have you covered whether you are building in a cold and arid or hot and humid climate. Our homes outperform in all climates…naturally.

Log homes exhibit “super energy efficiency,” as the National Association of Home Builders quoted.  Most log homes, if sealed properly, meet the Department of Energy’s “Energy Star” standards. This means the log home will be 30% more efficient than what building codes demand, saving you serious money over the home’s life.


percentage log homes are more energy efficient over Building code requirements

Northern White Cedar Take Energy Efficiency A Step Further!

In addition to the inherent efficiency of a log home, Cedar Direct takes efficiency a step further by using only Northern White Cedar (NWC) in our log home packages.

Northern white-cedar (Thuja occidentalis) is a species of high ecological, economic, and cultural value, as quoted by Katlyn Ann Schulz, University of Maine, thesis. In addition,  The USDA Forestry Division ranks NWC as one of the three best woods to use in exterior buildings.

Northern White Cedar has the highest insulating value per inch of any wood used for home construction in North America. NWC has a unique cell structure giving it large, less dense cells that trap pockets of air to create natural insulation. We all know that air is the best insulator…period.

R-value measures wood’s thermal resistance or resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the more thermal resistance. NWC has an R-value of 1.41 per inch of thickness, the highest R-value of any of the species used in log homes, as stated in the Wood Handbook written by the USDA.

The thermal mass effect is a solid wall’s high heat retention factor to limit heat transfer through itself and is very important when considering energy efficiency.

The National Bureau of Standards conducted complex testing to determine that log homes have a large thermal mass. This means they consume less energy than framed homes, contributing to log homes’ exceptional energy efficiency. For example, the NBS found that during the spring heating period, log homes used 46% less heating energy… and so on.

RES check web blue and red with house outline

Need Assistance With Your RESCheck?

Cedar Direct Log Homes is happy to assist our customers with completing their RESCheck online. RESchecks are critical to passing local building codes for energy efficiency in many areas of the country. A RESCheck report analyzes a home’s design that indicates your residential building will meet or exceed the energy conservation standards of the IECC developed by the International Code Council.


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