Why Choose Custom Design For My Cedar Log Home

Designing and building a cedar log home from Cedar Direct Log Homes is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your lifetime. Cedar log homes are equally suitable for a vacation log cabin, a primary log home residence, a mountain cabin by the lake, a beach cottage, a log home retirement dream come true, or even a log cabin starter home.

Cedar log home with glass front log cabin

Building a new log home will be one of the essential financial investments you will make over your lifetime. Whether you want to build a cozy weekend cabin retreat or a luxury cedar log home estate, Cedar Direct Log Homes will guide you during each construction phase from start to finish. CDLH can even assist with adding on to an existing log home/log cabin or a conventional framed home.

Each Cedar Direct Log Home is custom designed to fit the exact needs of our customers. Our homes are tailored to fit your lifestyle, taste, family’s individual needs, and, most importantly, budget. CDLH will start with a list of your “must haves,” coupled with your design ideas and thoughts, and mix with your budgetary concerns to create your masterpiece.

What To Expect During The Design Phase Of My Cedar Log Home

During the design phase of building your dream cedar log home, you will work closely with our team to develop a design concept and home size that fits your budget. CDLH can design your home based on your specifications you bring to us. In addition, we can also begin the design process using one of our standard plans that match the closest to your dream cedar log home vision.

Our log home plan book has been perfected over many decades to provide many plans ranging from rustic and contemporary to traditional designs. If one of our plans doesn’t fit your needs, even with customization, CDLH can design your log home using your thoughts, graph paper, and a pencil from ground zero. We can create a log cabin that is distinctive for you and your family. In addition, there is NO ADDITIONAL COST for a custom design with Cedar Direct Log Homes.

CDLH Will Provide A Free Custom Log Home Quote

After the design concept and budget are established, a free log home package quote is prepared. At this point, CDLH will also complete a cost analysis upon request. This will give you an estimate for the entire price of your new cedar log home, excluding the land and any improvements required.

Preliminary blueprints immediately begin after you have signed a Custom Log Home Package Agreement with CDLH and we have received your initial deposit. Preliminary blueprints are laser copies (8.5″ x 11″) drawn in CAD. Once you have finalized your prelims and made any necessary changes, we will draw your final construction blueprints. Eight sets of these prints (2′ x 3′) are provided to each customer, and they will indicate all the necessary information to construct your Cedar Direct log home.

At Cedar Direct Log Homes, we work to turn your dreams into a reality. Congratulations on taking the first step to LOG HOME LIVING.

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